Please RSVP for the Christmas Party!  (send email to Teri Rippe.)

Welcome to the "Wolfpack"
Clovis, CA
Chapter CA-2W

of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association


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Latest News: The December Newsletter is online. The November District Newsletter is available as well.

We will be playing the attendance game at the December meeting, when the prize will be at $20!

Upcoming Events:
Dec 6 - Chapter Meeting
Dec 11 Social CANCELED
Dec 13 Christmas Party
Dec 16 Team Meeting
Jan 3 Chapter Meeting
Jan 8 Chapter Social
Jan 16 Friday Night Out

Our normal meeting location is the Yosemite Falls Cafe in Granite park at 4020 N. Cedar Ave. between Dakota and Ashlan. Join us at 8am for breakfast! The meeting officially begins at 9am. We often have a ride after the meeting, for those who bring their bikes.

After the Meeting, either of two possibilities exist.  Our educators may teach a trailoring class.

Or, our Ride Coordinator Dan Netz may be leading us on a ride as follows:

After the meeting Ride is a leisurely romp through the foot hills.  We will leave right after the meeting and ride up Hwy 168 to Auberry and continue up past Mono Wind Casino back to Hwy 168.

Depending on the groups desire we will either cross Hwy 168 and drop down on Tollhouse road. or head back down Hwy 168 to Lodge Road.  Tollhouse road will end up on Lodge road which offers some nice views of the Valley on the way down.  There are several switch backs so it would be a slow easy ride either way.  Those wanting to ride fast through the twist would be able to ride ahead and wait for those of us riding slower to meet in Tollhouse.

The ride will continue on past Humfrey's Station and through the Watts valley.  Ending at Ashlan and Academy Avenues

Want one reason to wear your gear?

watch this:

From our Region F Newsletter:


Ways to save your life

1. Assume you're invisible
To a lot of drivers, you are. Never make a move based on the assumption that the other driver sees you, even if you have made eye contact. Bikes don't always register in the four wheeler's mind.

2. Be considerate
The consequences of strafing the bad driver or cutting him off start out bad and get worse. Pretend it was your grandma and think again.

3. Dress for the crash, not the pool or the prom
Sure, the store is a five minute trip, but nobody plans to meet the pavement. Modern mesh gear means 100 degree heat is no excuse for a t-shirt and shorts.

4. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
Assume that the car across the intersection will turn in front of you when the light turns green, with or without a turn signal.

5. Leave your ego at home
The only people who care if you were faster on the freeway will be the officer and the judge.

6. Pay attention
The distraction on the side of the road may be interesting. Meanwhile, you could be drifting into trouble. Focus on the road.

7. Mirrors only show you part of the picture
Never change direction without turning your head to make sure the area is really clear.

8. Be patient
Always take another second or three before you pull out to pass, ride away from the curb, or into freeway traffic from an on-ramp. It's what you don't see that gets you. That extra look could be what saves you.

9. Watch your closing speed
Passing cars at twice their speed or changing lanes to go past a row of stopped cars is just asking for trouble.

10. Beware the verge and merge
A lot of surprises end up on the side of the road. All kinds of debris such as ladders, tires, nails, drywall screws, etc. Things that could disable your bike or cause a blow out or worse, wreck you.


The Christmas Party has been changed from Dec. 20 to Dec. 13.  We still need your RSVP to know who is coming.  Also, payment of $25 per person needs to be made no later than Dec. 6.

At least six people are confirmed to be going to the Palm Springs Rally on Nov. 7-8.  People are generally riding over half way until stopping at a hotel for the night, then riding to the rally the next morning.  Please contact Joe or Shirley if you'd like to join the group!

At the Oct. 4 meeting Steve and Teri announced that they will be stepping down at the end of 2014 as Chapter Directors, being succeeded by Larry and Lindy Jenkins!

I join with my fellow chapter members thanking Steve and Teri for doing such a wonderful job! The Rally was the most successful ever, and is just one of many examples of their tireless service to the Chapter.  Their efforts are very much appreciated.

Fortunately, Steve and Teri will still be around, in various capacities.

Larry and Lindy ask that members provide them any suggestions they may have to them via any means available  I'm volunteering their email addresses, which are: and  Hey, the email addresses are in the newletter, after all....(!!).

Also, the christmas party was announced.  You must RSVP by November 1, for the party taking place on Dec. 13, so PLEASE RSVP as soon as possible to

Your Webmaster

CA-2W: Chapter 2W is part of the California District. Although based in Clovis/Fresno, CA, we draw members from as far south as Tulare, west to Lemoore, north to Winton and east into the Sierra Nevada mountains. We're the hottest chapter in CA and I don't just mean by temperature. Membership is open to everyone, and we often have visitors riding with us. Come out to a chapter meeting or join us on a ride!

GWRRA:  The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is the world's largest single-marquee social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles -- and some would say, the world's largest family. Dedicated to our motto, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.

Not a GWRRA member? Give us a shout, or come to a meeting!


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